Jamaican Boiled Dumplings Recipe

Jamaican Boiled Dumplings Recipe

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We love eating boiled dumplings with Caribbean dishes, especially curry chickpeas using our curry seasoning.
This is a simple recipe but it may require some practice if you’ve never kneaded dough before. If you like this, be sure to check our fried dumplings recipe too!


  • 3 Cups White spelt flour

  • 1 Tbsp Pink sea salt + more to salt pot

  • 5 3/4 Cups Spring water


  • In a large stockpot, add 4 cups of spring water. When the water starts to boil, add 1 tbsp sea salt or more. In the meantime in a bowl combine 3 cups flour and 1 tsp salt (sea salt). Mix to combine.
  • Slowly add water and knead until a dough is formed, about 5 minutes. If the dough is too sticky add more flour, a little at a time. If the dumpling is too dry, add more water a little at a time and knead again.
  • Take a fist sized pieces of the dough and roll in to a ball shape between your hands. Using the base of your palm press the ball in to your other palm to make a disc.
  • Carefully drop the flour dumplings in to the pot of boiling water and cook for 15 – 20 minutes. Cooked dumplings will float to the top of the water.
  • Carefully remove the boiled dumplings when cooked and enjoy a dumpling with the rest of your meal.

    This recipe makes 10 boiled dumplings.

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23 thoughts on “Jamaican Boiled Dumplings Recipe”

    1. I am Jamaican so Jamaicans do cook with pink salt & sea salt. Table salt which is traditionally used in Jamaican cooking spikes your blood pressure and that is why I do not use it.

      1. I agree pink salt it’s better for your overall health and heart ! I love the recipe very simple, thank you !!

      2. Oh one more thing… she used regular flour and table salt …. you made a healthier version of it, I appreciate that and reading your reason for doing so, I can’t blame you for watching your health…I am in the same boat as the expression goes.

    2. Oh stop being ignorant, pink salt is a healthier alternative that Jamaicans need to catch onto using. Of course Jamaican don’t use it in their cooking, nor do they use spelt flour but both are HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE, THE CLUE IS IN THE WORD! Go and do some research, you aren’t the gate keeper for Jamaicans!

  1. For the life of me I can’t figure out why some people dumpling is so good and others just mediocre when it’s just salt, flour, water. That’s what got me reading this recipe.

    1. It can be a lot of things…too salt, not enough salt, how the dough is kneading can make the dumplings tough, over cooking can make the dumplings too mushy, undercooking raw and hard….

  2. I made these tonight and they turned out SO salty, they’re almost inedible. I would definitely put less salt in the water next time.

  3. I like that you use spelt flour instead of regular wheat flour bcz most people are wheat sensitive. Pink Himalayan salt has more beneficial nutrients but it lacks iodine, so maybe you could mix both Himalayan salt with tibs of iodine salt.

  4. My mother who is from Puerto Rico made dumplings exactly like this. …to this day that is what I remember and we used to eat it with beans and rice on the side.. Since Jamaica is in the Carribean close by to Puerto Rico, it does not surprise me that we have recipes in common. Thank you for posting this video and recipe. Good memories….

  5. I learned this recipe from an older friend who past away a while ago, but I forgot it. It was the regular flour and salt version. I haven’t made dumplings for a while. I’m glad I found your healthier update. It’s just as good and my sons loved it.

  6. Am from the virgin islands and I also put I little bit of cornmeal in when I making my dumplings I was thought that years back from my mother she was a cook for over 55 years my grandmother was from Antigua and she used to cook the same way too

    1. Yes, we do the same in Jamaica. I’ve never been a fan of cornmeal dumplings growing up though. This recipe is for people who are following an alkaline diet and corn is not approved on Dr. Sebi’s food list but it’s amazing to hear how different islands share common meals ☺️

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