Hey! Welcome to my page.

I’ve been on a food journey since 2017 transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. During that time I was a flexitarian (yep it’s a real thing), vegetarian, vegan, and even more strict..on a Dr. Sebi vegan diet. One thing I have realized while on this journey is that food absolutely has a major impact on how we look, feel, and even interact to people and circumstances.

While on the Dr. Sebi vegan diet, which I still mostly cook from, I lost 25 pounds in a month, my skin was much clearer and bright, I had the best sleep I had in years and my overall attitude was better. By no means will I pretend as though going vegan was easy. I failed several times, but each time I went back to eating meat I just became sluggish, unfocused, and gained weight quickly.

Since my journey wasn’t the easiest, I am opening up my kitchen to give recipes to those who would like to try or begin their journey’s to a healthier vegan lifestyle as well. Here you’ll find recipes for a plant based diet from regular vegan to Dr. Sebi approved dishes. Knowing that being on the Dr. Sebi diet requires cooking just about everything from scratch, I am also creating products that will make your life easier and cooking a breeze.

Check back regularly to see when products launch.

Let the journey BEGIN!

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